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PodCon2 Schedule Overview

Are you coming to PodCon2? So are we! What are the odds?


We’re so excited to be heading to PodCon2 this weekend in Seattle! If you’re going to be attending, check out this overview of our schedule for the weekend below. Also keep in mind that things may be subject to change, and the official schedule is the best place to check for up-to-date information. Also, if you’re not coming this weekend, you can still check out the remote attendance option!

Saturday, January 19

  • 9:30am Opening Show: Justin, Sydnee, Travis, Griffin, and Rileigh
  • 11:30am Podcast Scramble Session 1: Teylor
  • 11:30am Creator Chat: Justin
  • 11:30am We Just Want to Make You Laugh: Travis
  • 11:30am Watch Me Cut: Griffin
  • 1:00pm Still Buffering Meet and Greet: Sydnee, Teylor, and Rileigh
  • 1:00pm Punch Up the Jam: Griffin
  • 2:30pm Fan Panel: Travis
  • 4:00pm Still Buffering
  • 4:00pm Podcast Turnoffs: Justin
  • 5:30pm My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Sunday, January 20

  • 10:00am You Would Not Believe My Family: Teylor, Rileigh, and Clint
  • 10:00am Meet and Greet: Justin, Travis, and Griffin
  • 11:30am Still Buffering Creator Chat: Sydnee, Teylor, and Rileigh
  • 1:00pm Complicated Ideas, Simple Podcasts: Sydnee
  • 1:00pm Creator Chat: Travis
  • 2:30pm Finding Our Voices: Queer Content: Teylor
  • 2:30pm Managing Your Party - Collaborative Storytelling in Podcasts: Griffin
  • 4:00pm Sawbones
  • 4:00pm Origin Stories, Part 2: Griffin
  • 5:30pm Closing Show: Teylor, Justin, and Travis