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Monster Factory: Jim Johnman is playing baseball in Don Bradman Cricket 14

“Hit it, dumbass!”

We’re back with another installment of Monster Factory, featuring hit sports franchise Don Bradman Cricket 14. Last time, the boys made cricket warrior Jim Johnman, an athlete they’ve described as “an absolute unit.” This time, this unit is put into action

Of course, it’s important that both Griffin and Justin took the time to actually learn the rules and syntax of cricket so that they can guide you through the unique strategies and splendid history of this, the most elegant of sports. It’s equally important that Mr. Johnman introduce these cricket lads to the grandeur of good, old-fashioned American baseball.

Grab your Union Jacks and your Cracker Jacks and get ready for this latest installment of cricket-appreciation series, Monster Factory. Once you’re done, please peruse our archive of classic cricket episodes here.