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Still Buffering: “When Harry Met Sally”

An illustration of Teylor Smirl, Rileigh Smirl, and Sydnee Mcelroy lying on their backs inside a circle. Teylor is reading a book. Rileigh is looking at her phone. Sydnee is listening to a walkman. Between them it says Still... Buffering 2.0.

The whole basis for this episode came from Sydnee calling Rileigh “very much a Sally,” and Rileigh (having no idea what this meant) immediately had to watch this classic movie for the first time ever to see whether her big sister was roasting her or not. Also just because she’s a Virgo DOES NOT MEAN SHE’S HIGH MAINTENANCE, OKAY?

Music: “Baby You Change Your Mind” by Nouvellas

Listen Now:

Transcript available here