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The Adventure Zone Versus Dracula - Episode 2

An illustration of a red and pink gradient sky. In the foreground is a shadowed castle on a hill with a swarm of bats flying from the castle to the opposite corner. In the center of the image in off white it says, “Versus Dracula” inside an ornate border. There are drops of blood dripping off some of the letters. The top center of the border is a line-art bat. The bottom center of the border says “MCELROY” in dark red.

The Dracula Hunters head into the town of Lumineax to gather information from some familiar faces. Brother Phileaux makes a confession. Lady Godwin tests her strength. Mutt confronts a frenemy.

Additional Music in this Episode: “I’m a Monster” by Nuno Adelaida:; and “Kindness” by Edoy:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here