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September Merch is Here!

The September McElroy merch items. At the top left are four Besties stickers of the hosts as classic video game characters. On the right is a black t-shirt with a graphic of multi-colored spotted mushrooms that says, “Hogs Gotta Hunt.” At the bottom is a black and yellow enamel pin with a trophy in the center that says, “The Besties” at the top.

This month in the merch store we’ve got two new Besties items as well as a Super McElroy Brothers shirt! On the Besties front, we’ve got an enamel pin of the show logo, as well as a sticker pack, designed by Zachary Sterling, featuring each of the boys in one of their favorite games. If you watched the absurd triumph that was Super McElroy Brothers, you’ll know that “Hog’s gotta hunt”. So of course, we put it on a shirt, designed by Sam Schultz.

This month, 10% of all merch proceeds will be donated to the Hawai’i Community Foundation, which is “Working to support affected communities through the Maui Strong Fund, providing resources for disaster response and recovery.”