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August Merch is Here!

The August McElroy merch items. On the left is a rainbow gradient graphic that says “McElroy Summer Mystery Sale!” One the right is a set of two stickers. The stickers show Clint the Planeswalking Janitor stepping through a portal. One sticker is his feet and Gooper floating in a void with 2 different dice. The other sticker is Clint holding a mop with googly eyes, a spectral butterfly, and a book floating in a void.

This month in the merch store we’ve got a set of stickers, designed by Zachary Sterling, featuring everyone’s favorite planeswalking janitor, Clint McElroy! There’s also a Mystery Sale running while supplies last!

Ten percent of all merch proceeds this month will be donated to Earth Justice, which “Uses the law to preserve a rich, sustainable and diverse natural heritage for current and future generations.”