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July Merch is Here!

Top left is a photo of the Garyl plush labeled, “Sale!” The top right is two stickers. The first is a pink sun shooting fingers guns that says, “Hot yeah!” The second is a blue circle with a pink and yellow border. In the center it says, “Hot yeah!” over an illustration of each brother’s face. The bottom is an image of two candles. The first is a metal can with a label that says, “The New Appalachian Workshop.” The other candle is a glass jar with a green label that says, “Poetry Corner.”

This month we have a brand new Poetry Corner candle, and a New Appalachian Workshop candle! There’s also a set of two summery ”Hot Yeah!” stickers by artist Sanika Phawde. Garyl is also on sale!

Ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go to World Central Kitchen, an organization that “uses the power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond.”