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The Besties: Final Fantasy 16 and Mario Trips Balls

An illustration of a white trophy with four black figures. One is lifting the bottom of the trophy, another is waving from the top, another is climbing the handle, and the last figure is standing next to it with its arms outstretched. The background is gold. There is a light yellow light shining out from the trophy. Above it says, “The Besties” in black serif font with an orange laurel on either side.

On this episode of The Besties, the gang dive into the massive new RPG, Final Fantasy 16, what with its F-bombs and Mothercrystals. We’re also discussing Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation, which featured one of the most ridiculous Mario trailers ever.

Other games discussed: Detective Pikachu Returns, Super Mario RPG, Wario Ware Move It, Super Mario Bros Wonder, Mythforce, Diablo 4, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Asteroid City (the movie)

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