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The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase - Episode 21

A line drawing of an amusement park ticket in purple. The top left of the ticket has an eye with a star-shaped pupil and blue lasers leading to the bottom. The top right says “Steeple Chase” in blue. The background is a blue window pane pattern. The bottom of the ticket is a tear-off stub. The left says, “Admit One” in red with a line drawing of a human profile. The center says, “The Adventure Zone,” in blue with a D20 in the center of the O. There are four yellow stars with a yellow curly B.

The arcade employees reach the lair of Geltfrimpen, but he’s not giving up his heartscale without a fight – or, skirmish. Beef gets ready to rumble. Emerich causes a sexy distraction. Montrose falls gracefully.

Opening monologue performed by Autumn Seavey Hicks:

Additional music in this episode: “Cold Journey” and “The Vikings” by Alexander Nakarada:; and “The 4t of May” by Maarten Schelleken:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here