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MaxFunDrive 2023 is Here!

The words “Max Fun Drive” are written in bold, dark green text with swirling serifs. The background is varying shades of green, with layered green swirls criss-crossing to the left and right.

Today is the first day of MaxFunDrive 2023! If you’re new to our shows, you might not know that many of them are a part of the audience-supported podcast network Maximum Fun. The MaxFunDrive is our annual fundraising event and celebration of our audience.

First things first, thank you: Your support is the main reason we are able to do what we do. It’s the reason we were able to make this our main job. It’s also what has enabled us to assemble and sustain our incredible team of folks who help us make everything from podcasts to videos to merch and more. That you have continued to support us as enthusiastically as you have for more than a decade is both humbling and deeply appreciated. Our gratitude legitimately knows no bounds.

We know that for some folks, now’s not the right time to join or upgrade your membership - that’s totally ok! There are a ton of ways you can join in and show your support by leaving reviews, helping to spread the word on social media using the hashtag #MaxFunDrive, and more!

As part of the celebration, we’ll be doing livestreams throughout the Drive, including our usual Monday-morning streams on our YouTube channel. For info on other streams and bonus content, keep an eye on our Instagram story!

For those of you who are in a position to join or upgrade your membership, tiers start at $5 per month, which will give you access to over FIVE HUNDRED HOURS of bonus content. If you sign up at $10 a month, you’ll get all that delicious bonus content, plus a letterpress MaxFun Membership Card, and one of 37 reusable stickers, illustrated by Olivia Fields! These high-quality, low-commitment stickers can be stuck and unstuck, many times over. They’re scratch-proof, weatherproof, and UV-protected for outdoor use. Signing up at $20 will get you all of those things, plus your choice of either the MaxFun Culinary Kit or an embroidered Rocket Hat! The MaxFun Culinary Kit includes the MaxFun Family Cookbook designed by Tom Deja, featuring recipes from your favorite MaxFun shows; and a jar of bespoke Maximum Flavor spice blend. If you’re not into the Culinary Kit, you can opt for the eco-friendly cap with an adjustable back with the MaxFunDrive rocket logo embroidered on it. If you join at $35 a month, you’ll get all of that along with a MaxFun Maximum Yum apron, featuring artwork by Sabrina Volante. It’s a sturdy cotton artisan-style apron that is fully adjustable to comfortably fit a variety of sizes. You can see previews of our stickers and all of this year’s member gifts below or at

To sign up, upgrade or boost your membership just go to You’ll choose a membership level from the grid of options, provide some basic information and billing details, and voila! You’re a member!

Don’t forget to select the shows you listen to when you’re asked for your listener habits! Those questions determine how your membership funds get distributed among the MaxFun shows. Your contribution will process automatically each month and renews automatically each year.

You all make what we do possible, in the most literal and practical sense. Your support has allowed us to make entertaining you our full time job, and it’s the best gig we’ve ever had. MaxFunDrive is our chance to stand humbly before you and ask if we can keep our job for another year. We hope you’ll agree.