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Announcing MBMBaM: Live and Virtual March 17th!

The text “20 Sun + Sea Surf the Vibe” appears over a background of sand, with leaves in the upper corners. The “20” is in a yellow sun, “Sun + Sea” is in a signpost, and the word “Vibe” is illustrated in thick block letters with blue water effects inside the letters. The words “Surf the” appear on the side of the “V” in “Vibe”. There is also a palm tree coming out of the top of the “V”, and tropical leaves around the sides of the logo. Below this is the text “MBMBaM Live and Virtual”.

We are happy to announce that we’re doing another virtual live MBMBaM on March 17th! Tickets are available now at the link below for $10. The show will start at 9PM ET, and will feature MBMBaM, with Sawbones opening! The show will be available as VOD for 14 days after the show ends. We’ve also got a ridiculously rad event-exclusive poster, designed by Justin Gray, available for purchase on the event page!

An illustrated beach scene. Text at the top reads “Twenty Sun and Sea: Surf the Vibe MBMBaM Virtual Live Show with Sawbones”. Text at the bottom reads “March 17, 2023”. In the front is a table with three drinks on it, one a pineapple, one a glass, and one a can. There are other small items on the table. On the sand behind it are a surfboard, towel, book, and other beach items. A palm tree is on the right. In the distance there is water, sun, and clouds. Every item has a tiny smiley face on it.