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The Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour is OUT NOW!

Merle, Magnus, and Taako are in the center of glowing circles of numbers. Behind them is an inferno. In the top right corner is Griffin, holding a pocketwatch.

The Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour is OUT NOW! We’re beyond thrilled for y’all to finally see this one, we’re incredibly proud of it. As always, our most profound thanks to Carey for the hard work she puts into bringing these stories to life visually. We say it every time, but it’s always true, she out-did herself this time around. Also a massive thank-you to everyone on our team and the team at First Second who helped to make this thing a reality, and thank you to y’all, as well! You are literally the ones who make this possible, and your support means the world to us all.

We’ll be having a free live, virtual event tonight at 8pm ET to celebrate the book’s release. Clint, Justin, Travis, Griffin and Carey will be joined by special guests Aabria Iyengar, Mega Ran, Gabe Hicks, Janet Varney, Jean Grae, and Kristina Arielle for readings, behind-the-scenes content, lively Q&As, and more!

If you haven’t bought a copy of the book yet, there may still be some event-exclusive copies available from our partner bookstores, Brookline Booksmith or Left Bank Books - these copies come with a signed bookplate and a pack of new trading cards!*

*Available while supplies last. Each bookplate will be signed by one McElroy. Requests for a specific bookplate can not be honored.

More information about the event is available here.