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February Merch is Here!

The February merch items. On the top left is a sticker of the brothers surfing a wave. The wave says “20 Sun & Sea” and the surfboard says “Surf the vibe”. The background is holographic. Top right are three postcards. The top one is a greyscale city with a diamond. It says “Greetings… Best Served Cold. Gutter City Steeplechase”. Bottom left is a sticker of a blue bird tied to a rocket. It says, “That’s Space, Baby.” Bottom right is a blue oval that says “Candlenights 2022 VOD ACCESS”

This month in the merch store we’ve got two new stickers, some TAZ Steeplechase postcards, and the VOD for Candlenights 2022! First up is the 20 Sun & Sea Holographic Sticker designed by Lucas Hespenheide, as well as the “That’s Space, Baby” sticker by Cedric Woolf. We’ve also got a set of Steeplechase Postcard Prints by Cait May featuring art of Ustaben, Gutter City, and Passions Cove! There’s also the 2022 Candlenights VOD, available on a pay-what-you-want basis, with all proceeds going to Harmony House!

Ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go toward the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness which works to “Energize, mobilize and support Black Women to transform their health and their lives through education, advocacy, support, and powerful partnerships.”