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The Adventure Zone: Outre Space - Episode 2

An illustrated logo for Outre Space. The background is the darkness of space with a center splash of a colorful nebula. The foreground is a retro UI. In the top left, it says, “The Adventure Zone” in a glowing white hollow text. The center says, “Outre Space” in a retro sans serif font. The “o” in Outre mimics a planet with rings. At the bottom is an eye gazing out at the viewer with technical graphics next to it. The edges of the logo have a torn paper effect.

The Babysitters catch up and chase down a prophecy in the middle of Knowhere. Simon and Thori get social. Kate and Sebastian keep things steady. Miles schools the others.

Special guests

Kate Welch:

Gabe Hicks:

We’re playing the Marvel Multiverse RPG:

Additional Music in this Episode: “We must explore” by Moon Toad:; “The Application of Aleatoricisim in Artificial Sound” by Omniman:; “Stars” by Beat Mekanik:; “Luminescent’ by Mind’s Eye:; “City view from Torni” by Brylie Christopher Oxley:; “ATH” by Lex Villena:”Agoraphobia” by Holizna:; “choice” by Roman:; and “Cattails” by Triple5 Here:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here