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The Adventure Zone: Outre Space - Episode 4

An illustrated logo for Outre Space. The background is the darkness of space with a center splash of a colorful nebula. The foreground is a retro UI. In the top left, it says, “The Adventure Zone” in a glowing white hollow text. The center says, “Outre Space” in a retro sans serif font. The “o” in Outre mimics a planet with rings. At the bottom is an eye gazing out at the viewer with technical graphics next to it. The edges of the logo have a torn paper effect.

The Babysitters jump through spheres and broods to search for their missing friend, only to find someone they never expected at the center of it all. Kate and Simon get some reps in. Miles and Sebastian turbo-hug it out. Thori goes ham.

Special guests

Kate Welch:

Gabe Hicks:

We’re playing the Marvel Multiverse RPG:

Additional Music in this Episode: “The Unknown” and “Simple Song” by Jar of Flies:; “Unforeseen Consequences (Remastered)” by Techtheist:; “Somethings Out There” by Holizna:; “choice” by Roman:; “When the Wick is Gone” by The Pangolins:; “We must explore” by Moon Toad:; “Embers and Ashes” by Anenon:; “Testing your limits” by Pawel Feszczuk:; “Languid dawn” by Blear Moon:; “Haunts” by Triple5 Here:; “Stay Safe in The Upcoming Storm” by Schemawound:; “Odd Singularity” by 1st Contact:; “Time Flux” by Revolution Void:; “Bye-xx” by Koi-Discovery:; and “Blind Elephant” by Lisa Hammer:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here