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MBMBaM 691: The Sword of Good Grades

My Brother, My Brother & Me written in brown text on a cream background. There are three horizontal stripes - teal, white, and yellow- overlapped by a red half circle. The Mcelroy Family logo is in the bottom right corner in teal.

Rip yourself a fresh baguette, in half or length-wise, chug that 84% fresh milk, and grab your sword the size of a cookie sheet. It’s time for a training montage before seeing Wonka, as long as you keep your grades up.

Suggested talking points: Mild Piquant of Griffin, Wonka Nate Silver, The Elder Statesman of Fish Throwing, The Smart Swordsman Doesn’t Lose, A Yucky Phonetic Journey

Harmony House:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here