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December Merch is Here!

Images for the December McElroy merch items. On the left is an image of the Garyll plushie with the cover art for the Petals to the Metal graphic novel behind it. They are being sold as a bundle. On the top right is a rainbow anodized metal keychain in the shape of the BoB symbol. On the bottom right is a set of polyhedral dice made of clear and black resin with iridescent glitter throughout. The numbers are painted white.

This month we’ve got a brand new set of inky, sparkly, glitchy Hunger Dice designed by Evewynn, a resplendent metal Bureau of Balance keychain, and a Petals to the Metal Book Bundle that includes a copy of the graphic novel and a Garyl plush!

Ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go to Harmony House “An organization seeking to end homelessness in the Huntington area through permanent housing and supportive service programs.”

Also a reminder: The Steeplechase theme song is now available on Griffin’s Bandcamp! Now through the end of the year, all proceeds from his Bandcamp sales will be donated to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, and The McElroy Family will be matching all donations.