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Til Death Do Us Blart 2023

Can’t stop, won’t stop, #Deathblart

The Blart quintet are back for a ninth year. Nothing will stop them from their annual watch and review of BP:MC2, not an industry-wide strike, not a lack of enthusiasm for the film. In this refreshingly straight-laced approach at the material, all five reviewers have remained (mainly) sober and checked in. This mentally sharp environment has allowed for a Griffin-Timbo mindmeld to explore the possible religious and philosophical ramifications of Paul fighting a bird in a fake garden setting to piano music. Travis is attempting to explain to his child that this movie IS a comedy. Guy is quick to defend the Toyota Yaris. And Justin has once again figured out a way to turn the watch into a joyful experience while watching shirtless in bed.

Please enjoy, season greetings to one and all and do consider purchasing a shirt or poster this year because all the proceeds go to the First Nations Development Institute.

Current hosts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery

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