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MBMBaM 644: Which One is the Old Man

My Brother, My Brother & Me written in brown text on a cream background. There are three horizontal stripes - teal, white, and yellow- overlapped by a red half circle. The Mcelroy Family logo is in the bottom right corner in teal.

Have you ever wanted to finally get into My Brother, My Brother, and Me? Well, this is the perfect episode to start! We got cool movie reviews, some ideas about reboots, some Munch Squad. No pre-requisites required at all. Except one. You DO need to have a working knowledge of Cats the Musical.

Suggested talking points: It’s Planentines Plane, Animorph Smell, Matt the Cat, Italian Stewart, Johnny ChaCha, Jeremy Criterion, The Hieroglyph for Crispy


Listen Now:

Transcript available here