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The Besties: The Hundred Million Jokes of High on Life

An illustration of a white trophy with four black figures. One is lifting the bottom of the trophy, another is waving from the top, another is climbing the handle, and the last figure is standing next to it with its arms outstretched. The background is gold. There is a light yellow light shining out from the trophy. Above it says, “The Besties” in black serif font with an orange laurel on either side.

This week, we’re joined by GameSpot’s Lucy James as we discuss Squanch Games’ joke-packed first-person shooter High on Life. How many full-belly chuckles did we experience during our time alien bounty hunting? Also, can J.B. Smoove do voices in every game?

Also discussed: Disco Elysium, 100 Ft. Robot Golf, Towerfall, Overcooked, Portal 2, The Stanley Parable, Prey, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, The Past Within, Outpath: First Journey, Dragon Quest IX

Note: The day after we recorded this episode and just hours before it went live, NBC News reported that Justin Roiland, the head of High on Life developer Squanch Games, is facing charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.After a lot of debate, we decided to still publish the episode as is because we thought it wouldn’t be fair to the other people at Squanch Games, to our guest for this episode Lucy James, and to our listeners, to just not publish the episode.When our discussion doesn’t mention this alleged, abhorrent behavior, we wanted you to understand why. If you or someone you love is experiencing domestic abuse, help is available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233. You can also visit their website at

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