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The Adventure Zone: Dadlands 2: Into the Corn Hole

Six illustrations in triangles around a diamond that says “The Adventure Zone”. The top is the Amnesty portal. Top-left is a Sherlock character looking through a magnifying glass. Top-right is a superhero with their back to the viewer.. Bottom-left is playing cards laid out in a royal flush with blood splattered across them. Bottom-right is three hands holding up the Extreme Teen Bible, the Umbrastaff, and Railsplitter. The bottom is four spaceships flying through space.

Live from Washington, DC, the Dads are BACK! Game Mom Brennan Lee Mulligan returns to continue this rowdy dad-venture with even more dad jokes, dangers, and complicated mechanics.

Additional music in this episode: “Dirt Road Traveller”, “Whadafunk”, and “Checks for Free” by Jason Shaw:

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Listen Now:

Transcript available here