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The Adventure Zone: Dust Season 2 - Episode 3

Six illustrations in triangles around a diamond that says “The Adventure Zone”. The top is the Amnesty portal. Top-left is a Sherlock character looking through a magnifying glass. Top-right is a superhero with their back to the viewer.. Bottom-left is playing cards laid out in a royal flush with blood splattered across them. Bottom-right is three hands holding up the Extreme Teen Bible, the Umbrastaff, and Railsplitter. The bottom is four spaceships flying through space.

On the night before the train leaves to Stitchton, the Graysons prepare themselves. Augustus starts a new business venture. Indrid has a premonition. Callan tries to stay on someone’s good side. Lulu makes a confession.

Listen Now:

Transcript available here

A sepia tone line drawn map with five rows of train cars. The top row has the engine and the fuel car. The second row’s cars are Guard 1, JB Sleep Car, JB dining Car, and JB Lounge Car. The third row’s cars are an empty car, Guard 2, Payroll, and Guard 3. The fourth row’s cars are an empty car, Dining Car, Passenger Car, and Supplies. The fifth row’s cars are Livestock 1, Livestock 2, and the Caboose. Each row has an arrow pointing to the right at the beginning and end.

Alt-text for train map is available here.