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August Merch is Here!

The August McElroy merch items. On the left are two shirts with buff McElroy brothers. Their shirts say, “If God’s not dead, how do you explain these gains?” The shirt in the front is purple. The shirt behind it is grey. To the right of the shirts is a Garyl plushie. His body is purple with pink cheeks. He has two rainbow horns and purple hooves. His mane and tail are rainbow faux fur. He has the B.O.B. symbol embroidered on his chest. There is a tag hanging from his ear that says, “TAZ”.

This month in the merch store we’ve got a new shirt and a Garyl plushie! The shirt, designed by Lucas Hespenheide, poses the age-old question “If God’s not dead, how do you explain these gains?”, and is available in two colors. The Garyl plushie, well. It’s a stuffed Garyl, and it absolutely rules. Spectral oats not included.

Ten percent of merch proceeds this month will be going to the Center for Reproductive Rights, which “Uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world.”