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The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 43

The Adventure Zone Ethersea cover art is shown on a background of water. The cover features The Adventure Zone logo at the top, and the word “Ethersea” in the center, with an illustrated sextant behind it.

Benefactor’s Folly: Part Five

Cracks have formed in the firmament. Past, Present and Future collide, and the Coriolis crew stands at the inflection point. Amber battles an immortal foe. Devo ends the cycle. Zoox transcends form.

Addition music in this episode: “Now You Are Here” by Sergey Cheremisinov; “Beneath Dark Clouds” by The Pangolins; “Boom” by Jason Shaw on Audionautix; “Aisles” by Jahzzar; “Ambient Dream” and “Haunted by the Past” by Malictus Music; and “July” by Kai Engel

Listen Now:

Transcript available here