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July Merch is Here!

Image the July McElroy merch item. It is a cream colored tee-shirt. On the front is an illustration of the McElroy brothers in colorful cloaks holding a scroll between them with a red border and purple gradient background. The scroll says, “My Brother, My Brother and Me.” Above them, the shirt says, “May we approach the Wizard?” “Wizard” is written in colorful, funky text inside a thought cloud above the brothers’ heads. Around the shirt are sparkles and yellow bursts of color.

Do you find yourself wishing you knew how to throw a Les Mis themed birthday party? Have you spent hours upon hours trying to figure out the perfect nickname for your car? Are you perpetually searching for more information about how to be more cat-like in your day to day life? Rest easy, help is here. Let’s approach the wizard in this stylish shirt designed by Dana Wagner.

Ten percent of all merch proceeds this month will be going to the Trans Youth Equality Foundation, which “Advocates for transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex youth ages 2–18.”