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The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 40

The Adventure Zone Ethersea cover art is shown on a background of water. The cover features The Adventure Zone logo at the top, and the word “Ethersea” in the center, with an illustrated sextant behind it.

Benefactor’s Folly: Part Two

The Coriolis responds to an ear-splitting hail seemingly received from a familiar adversary. The Benefactor’s ruse is revealed, and only Zoox, Devo, Amber and Kodira can stop it. A trio of archnemeses make their final stand.

Additional music in this episode: “Not to Notice” and “Dark Planet” by Andrew kn; “The Redemption in Her Arms, The Light At the End of Her Tunnel” and “Time Travel is Possible” by Schemawound; and “Box Cutter“ and “Time is Ticking” by Scott Holmes Music

Listen Now:

Transcript available here