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The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 38

The Adventure Zone Ethersea cover art is shown on a background of water. The cover features The Adventure Zone logo at the top, and the word “Ethersea” in the center, with an illustrated sextant behind it.

Tensions are high after a spirited argument at the Cloaca. A shadowy figure on the periphery of the Coriolis’ view steps into the light, and reveals something that kinda resembles the truth. Also: Shopping!

Additional music in this episode: “Amber” by Drake Stafford; ”Siste Viator” and “Murmuration of Birds” by Jahzzar; “Sonata E Minor” by Vivaldi, performed by Rafel; “Time to Move and Motivate” by Jonah Dempcy; and “Lurking in the Shadows” by Scott Holmes Music

Listen Now:

Transcript available here