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May Merch is Here!

The May McElroy merch items are two keychains: the left and center images are the front and back of an Urchin keychain and the rightmost keychain depicts the Coriolis cruising through the sea. On the left is the front of the keychain. Urchin is holding a crystal. Next to him it says, “Nobody move! Or Urchin’s gonna blow us all to hell!” In the center is the back of the keychain. Urchin is pointing to himself shyly and saying, “Naww I’m like a nasty lil’ freak”. 

We’ve got two new Ethersea keychains in the merch store for y’all this month, both designed by Cait May! The first keychain is the a new addition to our series, each one featuring a different Arc of The Adventure Zone. The Ethersea installment shows the Coriolis, surrounded by blinksharks and the crew’s chosen weapons.

The second keychain features everyone’s favorite stowaway, Urchin! Two of his most memorable lines are featured on either side of the keychain.