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The TAZ Board Game Expansion Pack & Dice Available for Pre-Order!

TAZ Balance expansion box with words “kind of a big deal expansion” on it and a giants shoe about to crush a village. Purple drawstring bag with the words ``The Adventure Zone Bureau of Balance’’. Five large twenty sided dice in different colors lay beside it.  

We’re thrilled to announce that The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance - Kind of a Big Deal Expansion is now available for pre-order from Twogether Studios! The expansion packs are set to ship in July of this year, and will include a pre-order bonus card (if you pre-order, natch).

What’s Included:

  • 6 new mission cards: Two Villains, Two Relics, and Two Locations
  • 60 Challenge cards—ten for each mission card
  • 10 Fantasy Kostco cards
  • 3 Surprise Cards

Also available for pre-order from Twogether Studios is the Crystal Kingdom Dice Set, which is a set of five TAZ20 dice, each numbered 1-6 3x and used in the TAZ: Bureau of Balance storytelling game. These are also slated to ship in July 2022, and come in a soft velvet drawstring bag.