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MaxFunDrive 2022 Bonus Goals!

The MaxFunDrive 2022 logo. The background is teal with darker geometric shapes. In the center of the image it says, “MaxFunDrive 2022” two times in pale yellow block letters.

Thank you all so much to everyone who has joined or upgraded during MaxFunDrive 2022! We would love to hit this year’s drive goal of 20,000 new & upgrading members, so we’re adding our own bonus goals for y’all into the mix! As we hit these milestones, we’ll add new rewards to the list - so keep an eye out, spread the word, and become a MaxFun member today at!

UPDATE 4/27: We’ve officially hit our first Bonus Goal! The MBMBaM TV Show Episode 5 Commentary should be showing up in the BoCo feed soon for all members!

UPDATE: 4/29: We’ve hit 5,000 new & upgrading members! Griffin’s home-brewed Ethersea ship sheet is available here! If you want to see Griffin and Brennan discuss some of the process that went into designing these sheets, you can watch this video from MaxFunDrive 2021!

UPDATE 5/2: We’ve hit 8,000 new & upgrading members! Travis has posted the first Minion quote to his Facebook profile, and Griffin is up next when we hit 9,000! Also once we hit 10,000 new & upgrading members, we’ll release MBMBaM Remix (where we took a transcript of a classic episode and re-recorded it, but with all of us swapping parts) to the donor bonus feed!

UPDATE 5/3: We’ve hit 9,000 new & upgrading members! Griffin has posted his first Minion quote and Justin is up next!

UPDATE 5/5: We’ve crossed 12,000 new & upgrading members and the boys have been posting their minions throughout - at 15,000 we’ll be adopting Haunted Dolls!

Update 5/6: We’ve hit 15,000 new & upgrading members and so, without further ado, here are Erika, Jack, and Roberta. Justin purchased Erika for Griffin, Travis purchased Jack for Justin, and Griffin purchased Roberta for Travis. They must remain in a visible place in our offices for a calendar year.

Goofs aside, we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who joined, upgraded, or boosted your MaxFun membership during this year’s MaxFunDrive. Your support truly means the world, and we are deeply grateful for it.

  • 3,000 new & upgrading members: We’ll release the MBMBaM TV Show Episode 5 Commentary to the members-only BoCo feed!
  • 5,000 new & upgrading members: We’ll release the home-brewed sheets we’re using for the ships in Ethersea
  • 8,000 - 14,000 new & upgrading members: Minion Quotes - Every 1,000 new & upgrading members from 8,000 to 14,000, we will take turns publicly posting minion quotes to our personal facebook profiles without any context. The minion quotes have been pre-selected by our employees and will be assigned to us at their discretion. We must post whichever image they give us.
  • 10,000 new & upgrading members: We’ll release a MBMBaM Remix to the members-only BoCo feed! We chose a classic episode and will re-perform the episode from the transcript, but we will all be reading someone else’s lines.
  • 15,000 new & upgrading members: WE WILL ADOPT HAUNTED DOLLS. We will each adopt a haunted doll, to be kept in a visible place in our offices for a full calendar year. Each brother will select a doll for someone else, we cannot participate in our personal doll selection.