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April Merch is Here!

A set of 7 dice are on the left. The dice have a galaxy swirl inside them of dark purple, light purple, and clear with glitter flakes. The numbers are painted silver. The D20 has the BoB sigil on the 20 side. To the right and behind the dice is a poster of Teresa and Travis in a stack of three teacups. Travis is saying, “Wocka wocka”. Teresa is holding a teapot and saying, “Oh la la!” The background has a white border, flowers, and ribbons. At the top of the poster it says, “Shmanners”.

This month in the merch store we’ve got an adorable new Shmanners poster, as well a restock on the TAZ dice set! This is a 7 piece polyhedral dice set, designed by Evewynn (Aron Jean), and created in partnership with Die Hard Dice, using their Avalore mold. The set comes in a velvet bag embroidered with the Bureau of Balance symbol.

Also, this month 10% of all proceeds will be donated to The Transgender Law Center, which “employs a variety of community-driven strategies to keep transgender and gender nonconforming people alive, thriving, and fighting for liberation.”