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February Merch is Here!

The February McElroy merch items. The top left is a pin of books. Each book is a different color. The top right is a pin of the brothers wearing tuxes with balloons to the left and right. Above it says, “20 Rendezvous” and below it says, “Fancy Takes Flight”. The center right is a pin of the brothers riding a bike attached to a balloon that says, “20 Rendezvous Fancy Takes Flight”. At the bottom is a sticker that says, “I’m not ashamed of my clown husband” with a drawing of Justin as a clown.

UPDATE: In celebration of The Besties 10th anniversary, we’ve got a Besties official tiebreaker coin, featuring the one and only NY Giraffe.

This month in the merch store we’ve got 3 new pins and a new sticker! The sticker was designed by Jacob Bailey, and was originally sent as a gift to Sydnee, but enough of y’all asked for it that it’s now available for purchase! Partial proceeds from the sticker will be going to the Huntington Children’s Museum, whose mission is “Creating child-centered spaces that promote exploration and a love for learning through play.

On the pin front, we’ve got a very silly new Pin of the Month, inspired by the recent Sawbones episode about the Mariko Aoki phenomenon. All proceeds from this month’s pin will be going to the National Black Women’s Justice Institute, which works to “Research, elevate, and educate the public about innovative, community-led solutions to address the criminalization of Black women and girls.”

There are also two (!) pins celebrating this year’s theme, Twenty Rendezvous, Fancy Takes Flight! Both pins were designed by Lucas Hespenheide, and they are available individually or as a pair.