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Oops! All Poetry Corner

A colorful illustration of all the things Griffin and Rachel find wonderful. Most prominent is a grand piano, a kiddie pool, and a dog. At the bottom is an illustration of Griffin, Rachel, and a baby just peeking into frame. In the center of the picture is an oval with “Oops! All Poetry Corner by Wonderful! An enthusiast podcast” written in blue and orange, along with the yellow circular logo for Austin Bat Cave, which is a bat with a pencil for a body. 1

Join us for an extended stay in the Poetry Corner! We’ve put a special episode of Wonderful! up for sale on our store, and all proceeds will go to support Austin Bat Cave, a non-profit organization based in Austin, TX that provides young authors from Title I schools with workshops to grow their passion and talent for writing.

The episode is pay-what-you-want, simply add multiple versions to your cart at different price points until you reach the total you’d like to give. After checkout, you will receive an email with a link to download the file.