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December Merch is Here!

The December McElroy merch items. The top left is an ornament of a giraffe with a garland wrapped around him. He’s wearing a gold trophy and has a pompadour and sunglasses. Next to him is a scroll that says, “Happy Candlenights to you’s guys from The Besties 2022”. Below him is a red ombre stoneware mug with an off-white oval on the front that says “Candlenights”. To the right is a blue diamond that says, “McElroy Mystery Sale”. There are blue snowflakes in the background. 

This month in the merch store we’ve got a new Besties ornament featuring the NY Giraffe designed by Evan Palmer, the return of our Candlenights mug, and a Mystery Pin Sale!

Ten percent of all merch proceeds this month will be donated to Harmony House, which “Seek[s] to end homelessness in the Huntington area through permanent housing and supportive service programs.”