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Announcing Candlenights 2022!

Gold script text reads: “Candlenights 2022 ” Text is superimposed on an illustrated background of a blue and purple twilight sky over blue mountains.

It’s official, y’all - our Candlenights Special will be virtual again this year! This year’s pre-taped extravaganza will feature video segments from MBMBaM, Sawbones, Shmanners, Wonderful!, Still Buffering, and Neat!, as well as appearances from many special guests joining us to share their favorite Candlenights traditions! All benefits from the show will be donated to Harmony House, which seeks to end homelessness in the Huntington area through permanent housing and supportive service programs.

The show will air on December 17th at 9PM ET. Tickets are $5 minimum, with an option to give more, and the show will be available through January 2nd, 2023.

We will have an exclusive Candlenights 2022 poster which you can see below, designed by Bree Paulsen, available for sale on the event page! All proceeds from sales of this poster, as well as from all sales of this year’s Candlenights ornament (also designed by Bree Paulsen) will also benefit Harmony House!

Illustration of a candle in armor, holding a staff and a lantern, leading the McElroy brothers down a stone staircase. Griffin is behind the candle, holding a halberd. Travis is next in line, holding a mace. Justin is last, with a broadsword over his shoulder. Around them is a snowy landscape and pine trees. Above them is a banner that says, “Joyous Candlenights 2022”. In the bottom left corner is a scroll that says, “Presented by The McElroy Family Benefitting Harmony House”.