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November Merch is Here!

The November McElroy merch items. On the left is an acrylic ornament of a burning candle wearing armor and holding a staff. It says, “Joyous Candlenights 2022”. Top center is a silver metal ornament of the BoB symbol. Bottom center is a translucent blue shrimp with wings ornament. To the right is a translucent red shrimp with wings ornament.

We’re on that Candlenights creep, and the new 2022 CandleKNIGHTS ornament, designed by Bree Paulsen is here! There’s also a metal Bureau of Balance ornament, and a choice of two glass Shrimp Angels straight out of Shrimp Heaven. Also, ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go toward North American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS), which “Promotes Indigenous foodways education and facilitates Indigenous food access.”