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The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase - Episode 1

A line drawing of an amusement park ticket in purple. The top left of the ticket has an eye with a star-shaped pupil and blue lasers leading to the bottom. The top right says “Steeple Chase” in blue. The background is a blue window pane pattern. The bottom of the ticket is a tear-off stub. The left says, “Admit One” in red with a line drawing of a human profile. The center says, “The Adventure Zone,” in blue with a D20 in the center of the O. There are four yellow stars with a yellow curly B.

The employees of Poppy’s Place take on their first, unexpected heist. Montrose dabbles in PR, Beef causes some chaos, Emerich reconnects with an old friend.

Opening monologue performed by Autumn Seavey Hicks.

Additional music in this episode: “Something’s Not Right Here” by Kirk Osamayao:; “Voyageur” by Monkey Warhol:; and “Motorcycle Scene” by Pablo Perez:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here