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October Merch is Here!

The October McElroy merch items. On the left is a teal and green tapestry blanket with Garyl in the center if of it. He’s rearing back on his hind legs and has a flowing mane and tail. There are flowers around him. Above him is a tree with blue birds. There is a B.o.B. rune in each corner. To the right is two rolls of wrapping paper: one a red MBMBaM roll and the other a purple TAZ roll.

This month we have a brand new, super soft Garyl blanket designed by Lin Doyle, and the Candlenights wrapping paper, designed by Justin Gray, has returned! Also, ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go toward The Fair Elections Center which “uses litigation and advocacy to remove barriers to registration and voting, particularly those disenfranchising underrepresented and marginalized communities, and to improve election administration.”