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The Besties: No Man’s Sky, All Rats’ Earth [The Resties]

An illustration of a white trophy with four black figures. One is lifting the bottom of the trophy, another is waving from the top, another is climbing the handle, and the last figure is standing next to it with its arms outstretched. The background is gold. There is a light yellow light shining out from the trophy. Above it says, “The Besties” in black serif font with an orange laurel on either side.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is an exceptionally beautiful, technologically modern video game built with a blueprint from a different era. The Resties discuss the comfort and frustration of Xbox 360-era video game design, the power of graphics, and what makes a great tutorial. Then they empty out the remainder of the mailbag, talking about the future of games, media, and games media. Discussed on this episode: A Plague Tale: Requiem, No Man’s Sky, The Invisible Man, House of the Dragon.

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Transcript available here