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January Merch is Here!

Image of the two January McElroy merch items. To the left is an iridescent sticker that says “Guppies want me” on top and “Blinksharks fear me” on the bottom. In the center of the sticker is a blue two-headed shark with green sailor’s knots on either side of it. To the right is a circular enamel pin. The center is a purple circle with green kelp and pink and blue bubbles. Around it is a blue ring that says “Everybody’s got a knife”. Slicing across the pin horizontally is knife.

It’s January and we’ve got new merch for y’all in the shop! First up is the incredible Guppies Want Me, Blinksharks Fear Me sticker, designed by Caitlyn Eberle. We’ve also got a new Pin of the Month, featuring Rule #1 of The Adventure Zone Ethersea, ‘Everyone has a knife’. Proceeds from this pin benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights, which “Uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world.”