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The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 25

The Adventure Zone Ethersea cover art is shown on a background of water. The cover features The Adventure Zone logo at the top, and the word “Ethersea” in the center, with an illustrated sextant behind it.

Content warning: this episode contains themes and depictions of substance use.


Cambria’s Call: Part Four

Amber, Devo and Zoox continue their wild swamp chase to track down Shret. Everyone prepares for a stroll down Memory Lane.

Additional music in this episode: “Covered in Oil” by Broke for Free; “Mechanics of Leaving” by Haunted Me; “The Apothesosis of All Deserts” by ROZKOL; “Meekness” by Kai Engel; and “kp” by Jahzzar

Listen Now:

Transcript available here