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Announcing MBMBaM Live & Virtual Sept 24th!

The MBMBaM logo reads “My Brother My Brother & Me” in brown text on a square, light brown background. Below it to the left is an aqua circle with the text “Live and Virtual”. Extending right from the circle are stripes in orange, white, and yellow. The overall background is aqua.

We are happy to announce that we’re doing another virtual live MBMBaM on September 24th! Tickets are available now at the link below for $10. The show will start at 9PM ET, and will feature MBMBaM, with Sawbones opening! The show will be available as VOD for ticket holders for 14 days after the show ends.

There’s also an event-exclusive poster for this show, which you can see below, designed by Kevin Budnik! It will be available for purchase as an add-on on the ticket page, or once the show starts you can purchase it beneath the video on the live stream.

Illustration of four large brown dogs. In the top right is a dog licking Clint, who is much smaller than the dog. To the left is a spotted dog running with Griffin on its back. Below them is another dog running with Travis on its back. In the bottom right is a dog, being hugged by Sydnee, with Justin on its back. Other smaller dogs surround them. In the background a dog is spray painting the words “The McElroy Family Big Dog Run 2021 Live & Virtual”.