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Announcing the Big Dog Run Tour!

An illustration of the brothers as dogs. Griffin is an orange Labrador wearing glasses. Travis is a purple Mastiff wearing glasses. Justin is a light blue French Bulldog. Above them is the text “Twenty Big Dog Run”. The background is blue with dark blue bones around the text.

Update 8/10/21: Hi all. We wanted to let you know that we hear your concerns regarding the tour and we understand them. We started planning these shows many months ago, when things were trending in the right direction. Throughout this process, things have been constantly changing, both in terms of COVID, and the particulars of planning and booking live shows. We worked hard to put as many precautions in place as were in our control, and announced the shows in the naïve hope that things would improve before we were actually on the road. We were hopeful that we would have information about additional safety specifics before tickets went on sale, but after listening to concerns, it is clear that regardless of precautions, this isn’t the right time, and so we have decided to preemptively cancel.

We’re pleased to announce The Big Dog Run tour, which begins in October and will feature stops in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Washington D.C.! Each stop of the tour is listed below with a link to the ticket page for that show. Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 13th, at noon local time. All shows start at 7PM local time.

Please note these shows will be 18+! Each venue has their own different safety protocols, so this is an effort on our part to ensure all ticket holders are vaccine eligible, and we urge you all to get vaccinated if you have not already. We will also be making masks available at the door for all shows. For venue-specific safety protocols, please see the bottom of this post. For those of you who are unable to attend an in-person show for any reason, know that we intend to continue having virtual live shows going forward.

To those in cities we had to cancel tour dates for the 2020 Laughter & Love Tour, please know we are doing our best to find ways to book new shows in your area, but at the moment logistics and availability of venues has made it a more complicated matter than expected.

Tour artwork is by Ariel Tyndell.

Health & Safety Protocols by venue: