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The Besties: Living the Dorm Life with Multiplayer Classics

An illustration of a white trophy with four black figures. One is lifting the bottom of the trophy, another is waving from the top, another is climbing the handle, and the last figure is standing next to it with its arms outstretched. The background is gold. There is a light yellow light shining out from the trophy. Above it says, “The Besties” in black serif font with an orange laurel on either side.

We’re back, and we’re talking about the multiplayer games that defined our college dorm experience, despite the fact that half of us never lived in a college dorm, and also some of the games we discuss came out like, last year.

Games discussed include: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, Secret of Mana, Castle Crashers, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Destiny 2, NBA Jam, NCAA Football, Dropmix, Slime Rancher, Garden Story, Islanders, Spelunky 1&2, Axiom Verge 2, Forgotten City, Wildermyth and, naturally, Final Fantasy XIV.

Listen Now: