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July Merch is Here!

On the left is a black tee-shirt that says “It’s a video game [book] club.” The top-center item is an illustrated sticker of Justin in a green shirt that says, “It’s trash.” The bottom-center item is an enamel pin of a blue jellyfish dog with a banner that says, “Gooshie Wolves”. On the right is a green stoneware mug with The Adventure Zone logo on the front.

This month in the merch store we’ve got a new Pin of the Month, a Besties shirt, an “It’s trash” sticker, and a super rad new TAZ mug!

The Pin of the Month was designed by Cait May and features the Gooshie Wolves, everyone’s favorite school mascot from the TAZ: Ethersea Prologue! Proceeds from this pin will be going to The Innocence Project, which “Exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.”

The “It’s trash” sticker was designed by Zach Sterling, and showcases one of Justin’s move iconic moments in the MBMBaM TV show. We’ve also got a Besties shirt for everyone who’s a fan of the world’s best Video Game Book Club. Rounding out this month’s selection is a new stoneware mug featuring the TAZ logo.