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MBMBaM Presents: The New Appalachian Workshop ft. the McElroy Brothers (but not Griffin)

Text reads “The New Appalachian Workshop”. Below the text is a photo of Justin McElroy, with Travis to his left. They are seated at a wood desk. On the right is a human-sized hammer with googly eyes and glasses. Text on the desk reads “Featuring the McElroy Brothers but not Griffin”

With Griffin away on paternity leave, Travis and Justin saw the perfect opportunity to share one of their old projects that never saw the light of day . . . until now. Enjoy the raw audio of their abandoned TV pilot for a show where all your woodworking questions are answered.

Suggested talking points: Miracle Steps, Grain is the Muscle, Saw Safety, Which Wood Would You Work With if You Could Woodwork Wood

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Listen Now:

Transcript available here