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March Merch is Here!

Image of the three March McElroy merch items. The left image is an enamel pin of a brown dog that says, “20 Big Dog Run” with little clouds coming off its back feet. The center is an enamel pin of a pink cereal box that says, “The Empty Bowl” with an illustration of Justin and Dan Goubert sitting in a cereal bowl. The right image is an enamel pin of a sausage holding a sausage on a fork with a thought bubble that says, “This is sausage to me.”

We’ve got three new pins for you this month! A 20 Big Dog Run pin designed by Mel Westfall, an Empty Bowl pin, designed by Samuel Rardin, and the March Pin of the Month! Proceeds from this month’s pin will be going to Feeding Texas, “The largest hunger-relief organization in Texas.” Currently, their network is “supporting warming shelters for the unhoused, as well as those without power and water,” in addition to replacing perished food, and feeding Texans in need.