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MBMBaM 589: Face 2 Face: The World’s Richest Robot is Back

My Brother, My Brother & Me written in brown text on a cream background. There are three horizontal stripes - teal, white, and yellow- overlapped by a red half circle. The Mcelroy Family logo is in the bottom right corner in teal.

We’re back, baby! It’s the one and only MBMBaM live show of 2021, from the beautiful Grand Sheraton in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con. Just enough time to feel the Big Dog Woof Woof power and never, ever experience it again.

Suggested talking points: John Cena’s Sink Hole, I’m Gonna Eat this Lamp, Glitch Pancakes, Mr. Tumbus, Buried in the Field, Macro Golf, Gallagher of Perfume

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Transcript available here