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December Merch is Here!

Image of the three December McElroy merch items. On the top left is an enamel pin of a van surrounded by pink and green clouds. The van has a wizard and flames on it. On the top right is an enamel pin of pink and gold shield with blue stripes. It says “The Zone of Adventure”. The bottom center is a black sticker with a pink and blue border that says, “My Brother, My Brother & The Man Who Ruined My FYP”. 

We’ve got some great new stuff in the merch store for y’all this month! First up is a sticker for everyone who had their FYP destroyed by Berries & Cream. What better way to honor Justin’s one and only legacy than by slapping this sticker on your laptop or water bottle? We’ve also got an enamel pin featuring the Zone of Adventure logo! If you haven’t watched it yet, all three episodes of Zone of Adventure: Imbalance, DMed by Aabria Iyengar, are up on our YouTube channel, and they are a blast.

Last but not least, we’ve got the December Pin of the Month! This month’s pin features everyone’s favorite hypothetical Transformer, Steely Van. All proceeds from this month’s pin will be going to the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, an non-profit which is “Leading a transition away from an extractive economy based on profit and pollution and toward local, healthy, and life-sustaining economies that benefit everyone.”