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MBMBaM 585: One Year Closer to Salsa

My Brother, My Brother & Me written in brown text on a cream background. There are three horizontal stripes - teal, white, and yellow- overlapped by a red half circle. The Mcelroy Family logo is in the bottom right corner in teal.

Our nemesis is back in the news, but we’re gonna take him down and put him to sleep with a fast-food themed bedtime book. Don’t worry about how a podcast advice show has a nemesis.

Suggested talking points: Shaq-a-Roni and Cheese, That Ice Cream was My Dad, House of a Million Mummies with Vampire Fangs, You’re Acting Like a Child LOL, Can I Buy Our Pork Zone

Native Women Lead:

First Nations Development Institute:

Harmony House:

Listen Now:

Transcript available here